How to Paint Monstera Leaves with Watercolors


In this watercolor leaves tutorial, you will learn how to paint watercolor leaves of monstera step by step. If you are a watercolor beginner, tropical leaves painting is a great option! Monstera leaves are trendy on Instagram right now.

List of Supplies:

Step 1. Sketch the outline of monstera leaves
We'll start by sketching from sketch the shape of monstera leaves. Let's grab a sketching pencil or colored pencil to make a rough sketch. The shape of the monstera looks like a heart with some sawtooth shapes on the edges of the leaves. In this example, we have a straight line in the middle, which we can use to symmetric the entire leaf. Further, you can also draw a few holes in the middle of the leaves. These are unique characteristics of monstera leaves and do not need to be perfect. One thing to note about watercolor painting is that pencil sketching must be very light. 

Step 2. Pave the background color on the sketch
Start coloring the monstera leaves in this step. We can choose two bundles of green colors, one of which tends to be blue & green, another could be yellow & green. Each leaf is in one tone of green. In this picture, we chose yellow & green paints for the left-side leaf and blue & green colors for the right-side leaf with flat brushes #6 and #12. Don't forget to add a dark green stem in the middle of the leaves with miniature brush #0 and leave the holes white.

Step 3. Add layers and shadows of monstera leaves
Watercolor dries quickly, so when you're painting large areas, you have to work fast. When the previous step is dry, we can add layers to the monstera. We need to keep stacking the same color, add less water than the last step, and slowly transition from outside to inside.

Step 4. Add details and final touches 
This step entails adding new colors to characterize the realism and shadows of the monstera. And you need to add some yellow lines to form the veins of the leaves. Now, all you have to do is repeat the process for different leaf parts! Don't be afraid to explore different colors in each section. That's one of the charms of watercolor painting!

Now you have learned how to draw watercolor monstera leaves painting in easy four steps! Remember to let your artwork shine. Why don't you tell us your thoughts on this watercolor monstera leaf painting tutorial and why you want to draw monstera in the comment section?

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