How to Draw a Peacock Feather Easily


Peacock feathers have become more common in recent years, not only because of their strong symbolic meaning, but also because they are often used for decoration. Yes, such lovely and delicate feathers are now used in all kinds of places. They are also used to design dresses, decorations, festive clothing, and other applications. Today, in this peacock feather drawing tutorial, I will teach you how to draw a perfect peacock feather in five easy steps! This is the best way for beginners to start draw peacock feathers easily, let's get started!

List of Supplies:

70 Pcs Drawing And Sketch Pencil Set

Step 1. Draw a rectangle and divide it into thirds
Draw the outline of the feather within the rectangle. This step can be drawn irregularly but make sure it is within the rectangle, and make sure the outline was drawn with an appreciate proportion.

Step 2. Establish the position of the eye patterns and narrow stem
This step is important, it determines the direction and position of the peacock feather. We will draw a small circle and an extended triangle in the upper 1/3 of the outline you drew in the previous step to form an eye pattern, and then draw a tortuous narrow stem in the lower 2/3 area of the outline.

Step 3. Erase the preliminary lines and keep the shape
We need to firstly erase the rectangle and horizontal lines. Obviously, the outline of the feathers at this time is too stiff. At this time, we use a smooth curve to outline the outline of the feather. Don't forget the circles and triangles of the feather head, also use curved lines instead of straight lines to draw a water drop shape. Then, our feather sketch are beginning to take shape!

Step 4. Add internal structures for the eye pattern, and knit barbs for the stem
First, we draw a large ellipse in the drop shape of the feather head, superimpose a small drop in turn, and a smaller fan shape. Next we draw a parallel curve along the curve in the middle of the feather. Because in reality, the roots of feathers are also tubular. Finally, we start from the middle curve and draw feathers towards the outline guides on both sides. Note that the lines should be soft, not need to be absolutely parallel, and slight differences will be more realistic. We just need to draw the lines repeatedly and chaotically until the entire feather is filled.

Step 5. Repeat and Add Final Touches
We first use a kneaded eraser to gently remove the outline of the feather drawn before. If the feather lines are partially rubbed, they can be refilled with a drawing pencil, and some branches can be drawn on the original feathers. This step needs to add more feathers to create thickness and layers. Finally, add shadows to the eye-pattern area and draw some fine lines to add a plush feel. The peacock feather sketch is roughly over.

Look! What a elegant peacock feather is created! Take it and apply it on your decorative cards or in photo frames and other handicrafts! By the way, we'll have a blog from the same series on how to color black and white sketches of peacock feathers coming soon!

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