How to Color Peacock Feathers Step by Step


Male peacocks always have bright and colorful feathers, attracting female peacocks during the mating season with their gorgeous feathers. Peacock feathers' beauty and unique symbolism are an excellent reference for art beginners. We have discussed the steps of how to sketch a peacock feather drawing before. Today I will show you how to turn black and white marked feathers into colorful peacock feathers step by step.

List of Supplies:

Step 1. Fill the core of eye pattern with blue and yellow paint
Let's start with the pre-made sketch of the peacock feathers. First, paint the core part of the eye area. Please pay attention to painting yellow first and then blue, so it is not easy to destroy the pattern.

Step 2. Paint the outer layer of the eye pattern green
In this step, we need to blend two green colors, a deeper one and a lighter one, and then apply with a piece of the miniature brush to mix with water and blend around the yellow area. You can even integrate it with the yellow paint to develop a beautiful gradient.

Step 3. Color the scattered feathers surrounded the eye pattern

The eye pattern was roughly finished by adding orange paint in the middle of the yellow and blue area. After that, fill the narrow stem with a lake blue paint, the remaining paint can be used to trace the branches you drew in pencil beforehand.

Step 4. Add details and perfect the shape
The last step is essential. Although the previous step has completed the peacock feathers coloring, this step can determine the fineness of your feathers. You need to make a deeper blue paint to add to the top half of the eye pattern, creating a visual hierarchy of color between the narrow stem and the feathers.

This is a simple peacock feather coloring tutorial using watercolor. I hope you can easily learn how to color a peacock feather through this tutorial. If you are looking for more tutorials, such as the steps to sketch a feather, you can visit the previous post in this article. Or, if you want to learn how to draw other beautiful feathers, you can also find them on this site.

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