How to Draw a Realistic Hand in 7 Easy Steps


When a person is speaking or thinking about something, the hand can often be used to reveal a lot of extending information. This is why many ordinary characters can show the emotions and personalities of different characters by changing different gestures. Further, despite the many complex components of the hands drawing, I will show how to create a simple sketch hand drawing step by step.

Hands are relatively complex in sketching and drawing, and many people are intimidated. Still, by taking a difficult task and reducing it to individual parts, I can draw even the most complex things, including hands. To sketch hands, I used Grabie's professional sketching set. With this set, I can achieve a wide range of lead hardnesses, which means I can easily find the pencil hardness I need and do not have to change new sketching set for a long time. I highly recommend investing in this true artist-grade pencil set as they produce a wide range of values crucial for realistic results.

List of Supplies:

    Step 1. Draw initial hand shape dotted guidelines
    I start by placing two lines to represent the wrist. We use dotted lines to form the shape of a rectangle and a dotted triangle on the other side, giving me an initial hand shape with a thumb.

    Step 2. Add extension dotted lines and draw the thumbs
    Starting from the rectangle's top edge, draw a horizontally extended dashed line, which will set the finger's length. In this step, draw a thumb along the triangle, as shown in the example, to find a suitable position. Then, draw a dashed arc from the end of the extended dashed line towards the tip of the thumb to determine the length of each finger.
    Step 3. Draw the bend line of the hand
    This step is not complex but not easy either. I draw an 'M' curve from the lower edge of the wrist to the middle of the rectangle's width to determine where the finger bends and where the little finger is.
    Step 4. Draw the little finger
    In this step, you need to pay attention to the curve of the bent finger. You can watch your fingers. The three individual joints are different in size. The tip is usually smaller, and then the size of each joint increases in order. If we divide the arc into four equal segments, the tip of the little finger will fall on the bottom end.

    Step 5. Draw the ring finger
    Here, the ring finger will be partially covered by the little finger. Please note that the tip of the ring finger will fall on the second point from the bottom up (mentioned in the fourth step). 

    Step 6. Draw the middle and index fingers
    Similarly, according to the normal vision of the human, the joints at the base of its fingers cannot be seen at all. I draw the fingers from the top down the second point along the dotted line. Next, outline the index finger along the top of the dotted extension line, with the fingertip falling on the end of the dotted extension line. At this point we are almost done with easy drawing of hand.

    Step 7. Draw the upper and lower edge of the palm
    I finished the fingers and then added two carpal arcs, one coincided with the top edge of the rectangle and the other to connect the middle of the little finger and the base of the thumb. Finally, erase the preliminary dotted lines, improve the details, and a delicate but easy hand drawing is completed.

    Look! Isn't it, like I said, with these hand drawing easy to follow steps, that it's not complicated to create a hand sketch? Now you know how to draw a hand, there will be more step-by-step drawing tutorials in the future. You will feel free to put your expectations or suggestions in the comment section below!
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