How to Draw a Flamingo Pool Float


How to Draw a Flaming Pool Float

The flamingo swim ring is boiling on the ins. Not only is its gorgeous color, but more is also its lovely appearance, leaving a deep impression on everyone. It not only protects children but also allows them to experience the fun of swimming. They can play in the water and get rid of the summer heat. In this issue, we will teach you to draw a swimming ring in the shape of a flamingo. In this article, our artist will use the most popular watercolor sets to show a swimming ring in the shape of a flamingo right in front of your eyes. 

List of Supplies:

Step 1: Sketch a Flaming Pool Float with a pencil
Step 1:  Sketch a Flaming Pool Float with a pencil

We use a sketch pencil to lightly draw a flat circle and the number 2 to determine the general shape of the flamingo's swimming circle. Then we draw the outer frame of the swimming circle on both sides of the line and erase the excess with an eraser. Note that the center of the swim ring is hollow, and we need to leave it blank here. You also need to draw the head of the flamingo on the swimming ring, using its signature long neck to connect the swimming ring. By the way, don't forget its eyes and beak.


Step 2: Set the overall tone and pave the primary background color
Step 2: Set the Tone of the Overall Color

We need pink as the main color and yellow and black as the main colors for the flamingo's beak and eyes. We use the thick end of a double-ended marker to do our coloring, and it is important to emphasize that we want to leave more white on the body of the swim ring, which will give our swim ring a reflective and realistic effect. The first layer of coloring does not need to be very dark. This is the basis for the next step of shading.


Step 3:Double color and add a little shadow
Step 3:Double Color and Add a Little Shadow

In this step, we need to use a pink marker to trace the edges to make the outline of our swimming ring look smoother. Next, we use dark pink to draw the shadow part of our swimming ring and the flamingo. Then adjust the proportions of the flamingo and the swim ring so that they look more like one piece.


Step 4:Get Light And Shadow Effects

Step 4:Get Light and Shadow Effects
It's time to add the finishing touches! We'll enhance the details and shading to complement your swim ring. For example, increase the curvature of the flamingo's beak and leave white space for the overall look of intense reflections. Make the painting more beautiful and realistic. Also, need to increase the shadow part on the swim ring so that the whole swim ring looks layered.




Thank you for joining the watercolor painting tutorial and creating a cute flamingo pool float drawing with us today, we hope you found this article insightful, entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Let us know how your ornaments turned out in the comments section of this article, and tag us on social media! Are you feeling inspired and want to create more watercolor step by step drawing? Shop suggested set for your creation!  


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