How to draw a Bubble tea?

How to draw a Bubble tea?

Milk tea is one of the most trendy beverages for young people in recent years. With the strong milk fragrance and the light tea fragrance, who doesn't want to drink such a cup of milk tea on a comfortable afternoon? In this article, our artist will show you how to paint a cup of milk tea with the most popular watercolor paint set.

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Step 1:Sketch Out The Outlines Of The Bubble tea


Step 1:Sketch Out The Outlines Of The Bubble Tea
Start by drawing our cup with a simple line using our sketch pencil. Draw the pearls on one-half of the cup. We used circles to draw the tapioca pearls and let them stack on top of each other when we drew them, which will give a layered look. Then draw our lid and straw on the top of our cup. You can make our straw tilted at a slight angle to look more realistic.


Step 2: Paint With Watercolor


Step 2: Paint The Base Layer With Watercolor
In this step, we dilute the paint with water to make a light color base for the bubble tea. We used dark brown to paint the tapioca pearls part, golden yellow as syrup, and beige to paint the milk, lid, and straws. Note that it does not need to be applied very evenly, just a soft coat of color.

Step 3: Repaint with darker shades


Step 3: Repaint With Darker Shades

At this stage, we need to mix dark brown and yellow to create a tawny color and then apply this color to the tapioca pearls. Next, we add a little water on top of the tawny to transition the color of tapioca pearls with syrup. Then keep diluting the paint with water to create a gradient of mixed milk and syrup. The top layer of the cup is only milk. We need to leave some empty space.

Step 4: Add details and touch up the final artwork


Step 4: Add Details And Touch Up The Final Artwork
We are finally at the final step. This step is relatively more manageable than the other steps. We are going to use a detail brush to outline the pearls inside the cup and deepen the shadows of the pearls. Then paint some blue and purple on the lid of the milk tea to make the painting more beautiful. It would be best to paint the straw gray and the boba teas inside the cup burnt yellow. This will all make the whole image look more realistic.




Thank you for joining the watercolor painting tutorial and creating a cute boba teas drawing with us today. We hope you found this article insightful, entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Let us know how your ornaments turned out in the comments section of this article, and tag us on social media! Are you feeling inspired and want to create more watercolor step by step drawing? Shop suggested set for your creation!  

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