Superstar Products from Grabie Supplies 2022/06


As for superstar products, everything we create is prior to satisfying the different needs either artists or hobbyists and devoting ourselves to being a platform for art communication. The list of superstar products will make your June 2022 vibrant and imaginative.

11 Pcs Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set With Natural Wood Handle
This set of brushes can be claimed to be our ace product. It has been a high-profile star product From last winter to this summer. Here are three reasons to recommend it. Firstly, all the miniature paintbrushes are handmade and are secured with high-quality aluminum crimped ferrules, offering excellent liquid holding capacity that results in an easy, consistent smooth flow of paint. Further, the handle is made of natural wood and designed easy-grip triangular shape, making you feel comfortable and secure while holding it. Lastly, please don't think this set of brushes is only for professional painters, this set is the perfect addition to your painting supplies whether a professional artist, hobbyist, or student just starting out.

100 Colors Solid Watercolor Paint Set With 40 Metallic Colors
As for watercolor paint set king, this set is no doubt the most popular one in our site. The colors are so vibrant, include 60 basic colors & 40 metallic watercolors, completely and fully meet the daily needs of painters. You can just buy this one set, which is equivalent to having multiple sets of watercolor paints. Besides, these paints are specially formulated to offer a high concentration of pigments while remaining easily resettable and blendable. It is worth to note that the brushes came with the kit are sufficient for most needs. 2 pcs of water coloring brushes present different strokes, the seamless nickel ferrules won't rust or split and without hairs shedding problem.

24/36 Colors Medium Tip Acrylic Paint Marker Pens
When it involves producing vibrant artworks with acrylics, a paintbrush is not the only selection, and it can also be performed with paint markers. These flexible paint marker pens are affordable and also cost-efficient. It can work with mostly surfaces such as paper, glass, rocks, wood, metal, plastic, as well as extra. This collection of these 2-3mm tip acrylic paint markers includes 24/36 classic colors and metallic shades, also, the water-based ink can help to dry quickly. The specialty of acid-free, UV-resistance has actually guaranteed the product safety and security. With this fade-resistant paint, your artwork as well as DIY crafts will remain vibrant with this fade-resistant paint.

270 Pcs Retro Notebook Stickers & Material Paper Set
Spring and summer are the seasons suitable for making handbooks. These sets of Stickers & Material Paper stand out in this month's sales of scrapbooking supplies. They are so various and versatile that one pack includes 110 Pcs stickers, 30 Pcs hang tag, 20 Pcs sticky notes, 10 Pcs bookmarks, 10 Pcs postcards, 10 Pcs small cards, and 80 sheets of material paper! This pack is the perfect addition to your personal belongings and also makes thoughtful gifts for journal lovers,  All of these are printed on high-quality paper, handwriting-friendly, and printer-friendly. If i were you, I will no doubt purchase value pack for 4 sets and save $10!


12 Pcs Super Fine Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set
This set of brushes can be said to be the youngest star product as it was just upload and was loved by mostly artists. After researched, the reason why it was so popular may because each brush is extremely fine and with 4 pcs liner brushes out of 12, ensuring that you always have just the right paintbrush for the job. Also, this set of paintbrushes is secured with high-quality aluminum crimped ferrules and offers excellent liquid holding capacity that results in an easy, consistent smooth flow of paint. Further, the handle is made of birch wood and silver lacquered, making you feel comfortable while holding it. These artist brushes come with protective tubes, which are handy to keep them in shape after using and cleaning.

Well, the above are our five most popular products in June 2022.Let us know how your ornaments turned out in the comments section of this article, please tell me in the comment area!

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