Shining a Light on Non-Profit Organizations: Discovering the Impact in Your Community


Shining a Light on Non-Profit Organizations: Discovering the Impact in Your Community

To enhance the healing power of art, we introduced the Grabie Art Fund in September of 2022, aiming to provide art supplies to those who can not otherwise afford them. Since then, we've been contributing a percentage from every order on our website to support the Grabie Art Fund's cause. Additionally, we've been able to work with incredible Foundations, Charities, and Organizations, which has allowed our art fund to make a positive difference in the world. Let's take a closer look at some of these inspiring organizations and the incredible work they do!


Erika's Lighthouse: A beacon of hope for adolescent depression

1. Erika's Lighthouse: A beacon of hope for adolescent depression
In 2004, after tragically losing their daughter Erika to depression, Virginia and Thomas Neuckranz founded Erika's Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression. Driven by a desire to prevent further losses within their community, they established Erika's Lighthouse with a mission to create educational materials that shed light on depression's darkness.
Erika's Lighthouse operates on four pillars that collaborate to equip educators with the tools needed to foster inclusive cultures around school mental health. Through their programs, schools can empower students with the skills to communicate effectively with each other, their parents, teachers, and counselors. Their valuable resources raise awareness, combat stigma, educate students on mental health, and encourage seeking help.
Since its inception, Erika's Lighthouse has directly impacted an astounding 2,066,912 teenagers, spreading hope and support for better mental health!


Girls Embracing Mothers: Empowering girls, transforming lives

2. Girls Embracing Mothers: Empowering girls, transforming lives
Brittany Barnett, driven by her personal experience of her mother's incarceration alongside her sister, founded Girls Embracing Mothers (GEM). Her passion to make a positive impact on others inspired this endeavor. GEM offers essential programs aimed at empowering girls with incarcerated mothers, enabling them to build purposeful and visionary lives.
Among these programs, their Dallas initiative supports moms who've been through prison, providing them with opportunities to launch tech careers. Additionally, GEM actively fosters mother-daughter relationships by facilitating visitation opportunities, lessening the impact of maternal separation due to imprisonment.



Breaktime: To build a world without young adult homelessness

3. Breaktime: To build a world without young adult homelessness
In 2018, Connor Schoen and Tony Shu founded Breaktime after recognizing the desire of young adults staying at shelters to work and understanding the significance of stable employment in achieving housing stability.
Breaktime's noble mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering young adults with a job and financial security. They achieve this by providing employment, wraparound services, and financial support, ensuring that every young person has the necessary tools for job success, financial well-being, and long-term housing security.
Until now, Breaktime has made remarkable strides by creating 178 full-time transitional employment opportunities and facilitating 41,623 hours of work for young adults. Today, they continue to push forward with their unique model of supported transitional employment, making a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.


Midwest Asian Health Association: Embracing Health Equity: MAHA's Compassionate Mission

4. Midwest Asian Health Association: Embracing Health Equity: MAHA's Compassionate Mission
Established in 2003, the Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA) is a non-profit organization with a crucial mission: reducing health disparities for medically underserved, low-income populations in the Midwest. To achieve this goal, MAHA offers culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services, ranging from community outreach education, screening and immunization, to linkage to care, mental health services, and research and policy advocacy.
MAHA's approach to fulfilling its mission is deeply collaborative, engaging with community-based organizations, healthcare providers, academic institutions, public health departments, and dedicated volunteers. Together, they work towards bridging the gap in healthcare access and services to vulnerable populations.
Recognizing the significance of healthcare during pregnancy and early childhood, MAHA is actively involved in supporting growing families through the All Kids Care program. This initiative provides vital assistance, including perinatal care, access to primary care providers (PCPs), and support for post-enrollment services.


Hopebound: Illuminating Young Hearts with Therapy

5. Hopebound: Illuminating Young Hearts with Therapy
In 2019, the incredible Christina Guilbeau founded Hopebound with a clear mission: ensuring that every young person aged 10-18, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, gains access to therapy. Their vision is to revolutionize mental health and wellness support for young individuals hailing from historically marginalized communities.
Apart from working directly with families, Hopebound collaborates with schools and community programs in Georgia and New Jersey, striving to offer affordable and effective therapy interventions to adolescents. They extend weekly teletherapy to under-resourced middle school and high school students, with little to no cost, while also providing workshops and group counseling to their community partners.
Since June 2020, Hopebound has made a remarkable impact, delivering over 3000 therapy sessions, bolstering the emotional well-being of countless young hearts.


Together, we're making a difference through art!


Have these organizations ever made a difference in your life?

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