How to Paint a Watercolor Gingerbread Man


Ready to make cute gingerbread Baby?  Gingerbread man has been one of popular biscuits during the winter festivals for centuries. A lovely image of the gingerbread man becomes the symbols of celebrating the festivals. Let's start this painting journey with Grabie's artist to create your own lovely gingerbread Baby! 

Step 1.

You need to use a pencil to sketch a gingerbread man in the shape and pose style. Sketching is the first step and also it would be the key point to creating a vivid gingerbread man. You can find more details in it if you explore in a deep way. Our artist has used Professional Drawing Sketching Pencils Set to make the first step of sketching. 

Step 2.

Gingerbread cookies are typically golden brown in appearance. Before adding on some colors, choosing a good set of brushes would be helpful for next coloring step. 12 Pcs Angular Flat Paint Brush Set can meet your needs in models, ensure that you always have just the right paintbrush, and offer the perfect for each phase of all your artistic painting projects. With this set, the color can blend better and more delicate.

Step 3.

In this step, our artist has overlaid another layer of color with golden brown and added some shade to gingerbread man with yellow and gray. Add a contour for your gingerbread man with dark brown. And use this color to draw the face, two buttons, four squiggles. 100 Colors Solid Watercolor Paint Set With 40 Metallic Colors would be high recommended as you will create a new and improved fashion that wastes less water, and creates less of a mess by using this set.

Step 4.

Draw with silver color on the face and four squiggles of the gingerbread man, and then paint the two buttons in red. In last, you can add the finishing details like some small dots with dark brown on the gingerbread man. 11 Pcs Detail Paint Brushes Set would be the suitable set to make some more details of the gingerbread man. 

Have you learned how to draw this gingerbread man? Let's follow with us to create your own gingerbread style. 

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