How to Paint A Watercolor Maple Leaf


If you don't want to miss the beautiful scenery, making the scenery into a painting would be a great way of recording it. The fallen leaves in the winter would be a unique landscape 🍂 .  Let's start with us to explore more fun of drawing and you will have new experience about painting and natural beauty.

Step 1
Used: 70 Pcs Drawing And Sketch Pencil Set
Start by drawing the petiole (part that attaches the leaf to the branch), midrib and the main veins. These will then work as guides for outlining the shape of the maple leaf. Draw the outer shape of the leaf around the veins/midrib. In this step, you need to have a good set of pencil to sketch the outline of the leaf. Drawing plants require more patience and attention as there are so many small details in it.
Step 2
Used: 12 Pcs Premium Artist Paint Brush Set
Paint in your leaf with yellow. Use the edge of your brush to follow the lines of your drawing. You should use this brush set to add the color on and this set can satisfy different needs for different person. The bristles hold a good amount of paint, and the easy-grip handles give you fine control.
Step 3
Used: 24 Colors Watercolor Paint Set
Watercolor would be a heavy stroke for this step. It can produce vivid, richly pigmented, and long-lasting vibrant colors that bring your artwork to life. You can use a slightly darker red and a red brown for the edges of the leaf. Make sure to paint it loose, not over blending.

Step 4
Used:11 Pcs Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set With Natural Wood Handle
At last, you should paint the stem. Our artist has mixed a brown color for the stem, but as long as it is a darker color it will look great. Use your detail brush to create a straight line. Paint the vein lines on your leaf with your tan color. You don't have to include all the veins, it just depends if you want it more realistic or impressionistic. 

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