How to Draw Realistic Eyes Step by Step


It is frustrating to draw realistic eyes for most people. After all, they are one of the most complex facial features in humans. How complex is the structure of the eye, they consist of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, eyeball, wrinkles surrounding the eyes, some textures, highlights, shadows... If you pursue excellence, don't forget the mess in the iris. Even if you've finally mastered the art of contouring your eyes, you'll still have to add lashes and eyebrows to your eyes, which can be quite a job. Don't worry - after reading our easy step by step eye sketch drawing tutorial, you'll see that realistic drawing is not that hard, and I'm here to help you with all the problems you might have when creating detailed eye sketches.

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How to Draw Eyes Easily

Step 1. Draw a leaf shape as the outline of outer orbit
First begin with drawing the overall outline of the eye with HB pencil,and then draw the inner eye corner elements. You can imagine the upper and lower eyelids encircling a sphere. Make sure to draw a slight bulge near the inner corner of the eye to make the eyes look more lively.

Step 2. Add creases and eyeball
Start at the top of the inner corner and draw the creases above or below the eyes and work your way to the right. The thicker the space between the line and the eye, the thicker the fold will appear. Please note that the length of the creases should not go beyond the length of eyelids. You can just draw the ends of the fold below the under eyelid, leaving the middle for the next step. Then a simple eye sketch is finished.

Step 3. Fill the iris with some basic spots and lines
It’s time to shade the iris. Let’s start off with drawing a ‘C’ shape in the middle of the iris by using 2B pencils. Don’t forget to Leave the bright spots. After that, shade other blank areas in the iris with pencils and blending stumps, be careful to avoid and accentuate the highlights of the pupil.

Step 4. Fill in the darker half of the sclera and shade the surrounded skin
Use the 6B pencil to create shadows under the lids to give the eyes more depth and roundness. Fill this part with light pressure. Add more ball shadows in the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Finally, for the eye socket areas, fill in the entire area with a pencil starting from the inner corner and finishing at the line where the crease meets the brow. Remember to use the pencil after wearing and tilting.


Step 5. Draw eyelashes and refine the details
Flexible lashes should be drawn using curved lines. For lashes, a darker pencil such as 6B is recommended. The base of the eyelashes is the thickest and reaches a point at the end. After that, add some eyelash reflections and a few darker lines with a worn pencil to include them in your eye drawing as well as darkened the overall drawing.

This step is important, use the 4B pencil to subtly darken the creases. Use the kneading eraser to highlight highlights, and dab on eye areas that need to be brightened, to bring your drawings to life! 

I hope you enjoyed this easy step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw realistic eyes in pencil. If you feel something is too complicated or somewhere is not explained clearly, or if you have any related questions or requests, please let me know via the comments section below! Because I want to make these classes as useful and fun as possible.


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