How to Draw a Watercolor Blueberry Cheese Cake


Is there a real blueberry cheesecake in front of you? We draw cake using Grabie's detail brushes and watercolor boards. It's hard to tell if it's real or fake at first glance. Blueberries are dripping down the side of the cake with a fruity blueberry jam, a rich cheese flavor, and a bottom made of Oreo biscuits, and this one sounds mouthwatering and delicious desserts. Get out your paintbrush and act. Let yourself be part of this sweet painting process.

List of Supplies:

11 Pcs Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set With Natural Wood HandlePremium Watercolor Set Of 50 With Brush

Sketch a Blueberry Cheesecake with a pencil
Step1: Sketch a Blue Berry Cheese Cake with a pencil
It would help if you had a suitable pencil to draw a rough model for your realistic cake. Here we use a three-dimensional triangle as the main body of the cake and some irregular circles as our blueberries. Try to stack these blueberries together so that there will be some layering. And don't forget the blueberry jam dripping on top of the cake. These details can make the Blueberry Cheesecake look more authentic.
Pick the right color and paint each part
Step2: Pick the right color and paint each part

In this step, we're going to choose the corresponding colors for the blueberries and cheese, including the bottom of the cake. Red ochre can be used for the blueberry part. We select Beige or Cinnamon for the cheese part. Our cheesecake base is a mix of yellow ochre and yellow-grey. Using our miniature brushes, apply the color evenly to the respective areas. But be careful not to mix colors from different areas. This will significantly affect the beauty of the painting.

Double color and add a little shadow

Step3: Double color and add a little shadow
Before starting the third step, we need to wait for all the paint on the second step to dry before we can begin our third step. We need to choose a little darker pigment than the blueberry color. Here we choose Byzantine to make our blueberries and blueberry jam look more realistic. Add a little shadow to give the painting a three-dimensional look.

Add some cake details
Step4: Add some cheese cake details
As a final step, we need to add more details about the cake. Like the reflections on the blueberry jam and the cookie crumbs on the bottom of our cheese cake. As you add components, you will see a realistic cake slowly entering your field of vision.

If you are excited about this delicious blueberry cake? Grab your pencil and give it a try! Thank you for joining the watercolor painting tutorial and creating a delightful blueberry cheesecake drawing with us today. We hope this article was insightful, entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Let us know how your ornaments turned out in the comments section of this article, and tag us on social media! Are you inspired and want to create more watercolor step by step drawings? Our shop suggested a set for your creation!

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