How To Draw A House

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How To Draw A FishToday our theme is Fairy Tale World! With just a few simple steps, you'll be able to craft a stunning and lifelike House drawing! In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to tackle the house-drawing process in four simple, straightforward steps - no fuss, no muss!
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Step 1: Sketch A Basic Shape Of The House


Step 1: Sketch A Basic Shape Of The House

Grab your trusty sketching pencil and let's get started. First, draw two straight 45-degree lines for the floor and umbrella handle and draw the house at the angle between the two lines as shown in the picture. Then draw a semicircle with the center of the house as an umbrella. Slowly erase the guides to draw the shape of the umbrella. Also, we can add some greenery behind the house - draw two small trees to increase the layering of the picture. Don't forget to add reflections on the ground - it's the perfect finishing touch! After that, dip the concentrated watercolor directly to paint the windows and doors.



Step 2: Select The Basic Color


Step 2: Select The Basic Color

In this step, we can erase the darker draft lines and leave a light layer as a base. Once you have sketched the basic shape of the house, it is time to use our watercolor set of 12. Paint the front of the umbrella with Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine Color on the back. Use Burnt Umber Color on the roof, eaves, and umbrella handles, then dilute with water and apply to the rest of the house.




Step 3: Shade the House


Step 3: Shade the House

 To enhance your painting, start by deepening the overall colors of the umbrella and the hut. Then, use a brown watercolor to outline the edges of the house and umbrella. Next, dilute some lemon yellow, cobalt blue, and Payne's grey with a lot of water and layer the colors from left to right on the ground to create the reflection of the umbrella and the house. This technique adds a sense of realism as if there is standing water on the ground during a rainstorm, while also increasing the contrast in the painting.



Step 4: Add Details to the House

Step 4: Add Details to the House

You’re almost done! To make your painting more complete, we darkened each color again to add some light and shadow effects. Next, use a thin detail brush dipped in brown to create thin parallel lines on the roof and walls of the house, giving it a wooden texture. Then draw the ribs on both sides of the umbrella.

Time to use your imagination and create a dreamlike atmosphere. We draw white stars and a moon inside the umbrella. Finally, add a few clouds outside to blur the reflections of the trees and ground, and add raindrops to the reflections. This creates a romantic scene where the house is enveloped in a starry sky under the umbrella.



Awesome work! Through the above steps, a simple and warm fairy tale house painting is completed. With the techniques you've learned, you can continue to explore and create your own unique paintings. Consider experimenting with different color schemes, textures, and themes to expand your repertoire. You may find inspiration in nature, cityscapes, or even abstract designs. The possibilities for creativity are endless, so don't be afraid to try new things and express yourself through art. Keep up the great work!



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