How to Paint Lifelike Watercolor Butterfly



To welcome the Early Spring of 2022, We have a butterfly watercolor tutorial for you today! We will show a step-by-step guide on how to paint the gorgeous butterfly! Let's enjoy the fun of art creating now!

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How To Draw A Butterfly

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Step 1: Sketch the outline of the butterfly and lay out the basic background colors
Before painting this butterfly, you need to sketch it first. Start your sketch by drawing a curve on the right portion of your paper. Then, draw a smaller oval under the curve, this will be your butterfly’s wing. You should trace a semi-shape of a butterfly on your watercolor paper. Then try to duplicate another half of the butterfly to the other side, do the best you can. Next create lines to symbolize your butterfly’s body under the wings. Once you feel everything is in the right place, refine the shapes, you can draw some lines on the butterfly according to your preference.

Step 2: Paint the butterfly body with dark brown colors
In this step, paint the wings with basic colors and artist brush. The colors should be layered on top of each other to make a perfect blend in. We apply a layer of light brown to the upside of the butterfly, and middle yellow to the downside. At the same time, don’t forget to draw the same color on the other half and finally color the body of the butterfly with dark brown colors. This set of professional brushes can offer the perfect paintbrush for each phase of all your artistic painting projects, ensuring that you always have just the right paintbrush for the job.

Step 3: Add tentacles to the butterfly and outline the fringes and patterns of the entire butterfly
Once the paint from the previous step is dry, you can use the black paint and detail brush to outline the lines and pattern of the entire butterfly and the antennae of the butterfly. Express yourself like never before with this 50 Colors Solid Watercolor Paint Set. By using this set, you will capture every beautiful moment in your life by watercolor painting whenever inspiration strikes.

Step 4: Add shadows and highlights to the butterfly wings
You can mix some darker paints to create some texture on the butterfly wings according to your own preferences. Also, to make your butterfly more beautiful, use metallic watercolors and some glitter watercolors as accents on the butterfly wings and edges. Also, you can draw it by using other colors if you want, painting cannot be completely duplicated and everyone has their own painting styles, learn to express yourselves by painting is also important. 

Thank you for creating a gorgeous butterfly with us today, we hope you found this article insightful, entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Let us know how your ornaments turned out in the comments section of this article, and tag us on social media! Are you feeling inspired and want to create more art? Shop suggested set for your creation!  

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