How to Draw a Watercolor Fox


Today we’re going to be showing you five easy steps to follow to draw a lovely watercolor fox with Grabie’s star products. A fox is one of many cute animals. If you live somewhere where you’re unable to visit one, there’s no need to worry since we’re bringing the cute watercolor fox to you! Create your own vibrant drawings of foxes by following the 4 easy steps provided.

List of Supplies:

Step 1: Sketch the outline of the fox with pencil
A dynamic sketch is key to making a good watercolor painting for beginners. Our artist has used basic black pencil to set a rough outline of the fox. Getting its major shapes is what we need to do first. Draw some circles and 2 triangles on the paper as a sleepy fox usually tends to be shaped like a sort of sphere with a squashed bottom, and triangles are closer to fox ears. Partitioning paintings in advance can facilitate the later division of color levels.
Step 2: Optimize the shape of the fox and blend appropriate colors
This step can focus more on the inner outline of the fox to make the sketch closer to a fox rather than some geometries. After you have the main shape of the fox you can add in the smaller details such as the divisions and curves. The outline of a fox would come alive in sight. Then choose a few colors of the fox in your heart from the watercolor paint set, and blend darker and lighter colors to prepare for the later painting.

Step 3: Lay out the paints mixing water in the sketch of the fox
It is time to add color! A good sketch of the fox will lay a good foundation for coloring. The core of this step is to make the fox alive in colors. Round watercolor brush is used in this step and helps to fill in the watercolors. Firstly, you need to fill more than a half fox body with yellow and red paint on wet, the fox's eyes are mainly dark red. It should be noted that we only paint these two pieces here, and then wait for them to dry.

Step 4: Add the shadow and details to the fox
The focus of this step is on how can add different details well to make the lovely image of the fox come alive. Detail paint brush would be the 1st to offer a fine tip paintbrush set to ensure your precision in painting, and ease of usage, take care of every whisker of the fox. You need to use dark red color to add shadows around the ears and head and mix this shade with black paint to create smoother gradients. Next, add bright white paints to the fox’s whiskers and ears. A lifelike fox is finally in front of you.

Thank you for creating a lovely watercolor fox with us today, we hope you found this cute fox drawing article insightful, entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Creating from nothing is an interesting process and we hope you can enjoy this process by using Grabie's art supplies.

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