How to Draw a Panda on Wood Slices


Let’s ask who can reject a lovely panda? They are so adorable and funny, and it is such an enjoyment for watching and drawing. They’re also interesting in this article, Grabie’s artist will show you how to draw a panda in easier ways in this article. You will get the useful tips about how to draw the panda and use acrylic paint markers to color and paint the panda’s fur on wood slices. If you’ ve never used acrylic markers to create painting on a wood slice, you’ re in for a real treat. Smooth inking and excellent coverage keep your artwork for a long time.

List of Supplies:


Step 1. Draw some overlapped elliptical shapes as the outline of panda
Begin by drawing two overlapped bean-shapes for the head and body of the panda. The top of the bean shape will be the head. Add two smaller shapes for ears and define the head’s shapes. The arms and legs of panda are also simply painted as elliptical shape with similar size around the body. The left-arm needs to be longer as it is designed to be a ‘wave’, and the right arm will be bigger as we will be adding a bamboo branch that it will be holding.


Step 2. Outline the needed overlapping lines and add facial features
In this step, you need to use a black fine tip acrylic marker to outline the sketch of panda and add facial features for it. Pandas always appear with a happy face, so add a smile along with the eyes, and mouth. Nose in the shape of a heart, and don't forget to draw a dark circle around the eyes, this is the characteristic of pandas. Next, draw a bamboo branch holding in the panda’s right paw.


Step 3. Coloring panda fur with black and white markers
Now it’s time for some color! Drawing a panda is simple in this step, as it has got only black and white colors. Using the medium tip white acrylic paint marker, fill in the face, underbelly as well as the bamboo branches, and need to avoid facial features and other body areas. Let the white paints dry completely. Next, fill the left part of body and dark circles with black acrylic paint marker.

Step 4. Add detailed eyes and paw pad to the panda
It is nearly finished! In this step, use an extra-fine white acrylic marker and press a dot on the upside of both dark circles as the eyes, and draw a smile curve under the dot, making it looks more bright. Next, pick up a pink extra fine acrylic marker and draw four paw pads for the panda, easily draw 4 bubbles on a circle as one set of paw pad. Lastly, color the bamboo with green paint marker, and it’s done!

Awesome! you created the most adorable panda ever !We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to draw a panda on wood slices. Let us know in the comments section of this article how your drawing came out!

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