Be caution! A bit spoiler on July 2023 Grabie Art club box!

July 2023 Grabie Art club box

It may not be the greatest box in the world, but I bet whether you're a professional artist or just starting out with a hobby, you'll enjoy yourself in it! The art tools you need --- all in one box! What are you still hesitating, hurry up and find out the true face of the box!

Upon opening the box, you will find:


  • Outline Pen

Can't believe there's a pen that draws such extra fine lines! What’s more, it’s also WATERPROOF! Never worry about ruining your drafts by accident!

  • Water-based Markers

A set of common markers? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The softer section can control the thickness according to your strength, while the harder section allows you to use it without wear or tear.

  • 2 Kinds Of Paper Pad

Two sizes, the pocket pad satisfies you to capture inspiration at any time, the concertina pad offers enough space to complete a masterpiece. At the same time, the high-quality paper enable your work to show even subtle variations in colors!

  • Brush Set

Strong water absorption, use with ease, perfect performance----That's the brush set you always looking for! 

  • Portable Bucket

Certainly! We also have cleaning tools! The top barrel mouth is designed with a wave shape, allowing you to securely place your brushes on it. Plus, the box itself is flexible and can be easily folded up for convenient storage. So not only does this box provide you with all the necessary art tools, it also makes the process of cleaning up a breeze.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our art box. Would you like to learn more about our products?

July 2023 Grabie Art club box


Come join us and discover everything we have to offer!



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