10 Best Wood Slice Craft Ideas 2022

Want to learn more about just how to paint on wood slices? Wood slice features versatility indicating you can make use of a paint primer for an extra-strong, smooth surface to cover the wood's grain or leave it as-is, and also your artwork takes on an entirely different look than what you draw or paint on paper or art canvas.

Art Painting on Wood Slice

If you are trying to figure out how to make acrylic painting on wood slices,  Grabie® showcases various craft materials all related to wood slices:

How to Draw a Panda on Wood Slices

Get your essential art painting and started to Draw a Panda on Wood Slices.

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Best Wood Slice Craft Ideas

Believe it or not, there's been a huge potential for your art creation on wood slice crafts. If you want to give it a try on wooden slice crafts, Grabie® hopes these wood slice craft ideas will get you began or offer you the motivation to make your first original wood slice art project:

Make a Vacation Decoration - Reversible Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman

reversible wood slice pumpkins and snowman

Use Wood Slices Instead of Standard Chargers - Add Classic Style to a Wedding or Supper Party

Best Wood Slice Craft Ideas 2022

Cut a Groove into the Top of a Wood Slice and It's Ideal for Propping Up This Adorable Photo As a Memorial Knick-knack

Cut a groove into the top of a wood slice and it's ideal for propping up this adorable (as well as cost-free) desktop knick-knack

Embroidery on Wood Slices and Get a Vintage Pendant Trimming

Embroidery on wood slices and get a vintage pendant trimming

Create Your Own Slice of Stylish Pattern with DIY Built-in Wood Magnets

Create your own slice of style with DIY wood magnets

DIY Wood Slice Photo - Transfer Your Favorite Instagram Photos to Wood

DIY Wood Slice Photo - Transfer your favorite Instagram photos to wood

Make an Enjoyable Art Layout Wood Slice Mirror Frame Piece by Piece

 wood slice mirror frame

Make Display Shelves out of Wood Slice As an Amazing Wall Mounted Shelf

Slice Solid Wood Wall Mounted Shelf

Make a Wreath out of Tiny Wood Slices Like DIY Wood Slice Christmas Wreath

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Wreath

It's remarkable to see what artists and craft-lovers are making with these basic round wood slices. From placing them up on wall surfaces for a distinctive setup to adorable Christmas tree accessories, or decorating other unique items in the house, the opportunities appear limitless. What craft project are you going to start making with wood chips?

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