Best Watercolor Supplies for Beginners 2022

Simply with the proper watercolor paint supplies will you be in a position of high level art paint drawing in your painting practice. Find out which watercolor paint materials and paint brushes recommend by Grabie if you wish to indulge in a more ambitious painting experience.

Grabie Watercolor Best Seller - 100 Colors Solid Watercolor Paint Set

Grabie Best Seller Watercolor Art Supplies for Beginners 2022

Paint is the essential factor of your art. The quality of your paint supplies determines the painting effect of your painting work. You should choose a watercolor paint set that suits your experience of this medium. No rush to buy the premium color paint immediately if you have never painted with this medium before. Neither you should not buy the cheapest watercolors from a discount store at the beginning. Thankfully, there are affordable selections for beginners that are excellent quality and affordable:

Grabie Paintbrush Best Seller - 11 Pcs Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set

Grabie Best Seller Watercolor Art Supplies for Beginners 2022

The options of watercolor brushes are a personal matter. Some artists prefer some shapes, materials, even a certain brand like Grabie. All of these factors affect the final decision on how to choose a right brush for yourself.

Synthetic bristles hairbrushes are most popular in watercolor painting because they can guide the paint gently over the surface. Grabie miniature detail paint brush features the design of the majority of synthetic brushes can keep their condition a little better and can be guided more precisely.

Most professional artists may use all natural premium bristles paint brush for art painting. Man-made brushes of high quality in various sizes are favored as well, but these kinds of art brushes are not much friendlier to art beginners. Grabie selected the year 2022' most popular art brush products for beginners:

Grabie Watercolor Paper Best Seller - 25 Sheets 200 GSM Watercolor-Based Colored Pencil Sketch Paper

Grabie Best Seller Watercolor Art Supplies for Beginners 2022

Combined with paint and brushes, the right paper is the main material for beautiful watercolor paintings. Typically, the paper should be very absorbent in order to utilize several layers of paint without bending of the surface. You will find three categories of watercolor papers:

  • Cold press paper: Hard pressed between cold barrels which create the distinctive surface with a medium stage tooth.
  • Hot press paper: Hot press paper is pressed between hot cylinders, in order that the final product is slightly flatter. The heat smoothen the surface so that you can simply paint noticeable brushstrokes on this paper.
  • Rough paper: Just about all types which are not hard-pressed between cylinders. Such watercolor papers are either pressed in a different way or they may not be hard-pressed at all. This particular paper has the coarsest surface construction.

In general, heavy paper is preferable as it can soak up many layers of paint without twisting and without the painting losing the luminosity. Grabie 25 Sheets 200 GSM Watercolor-Based Colored Pencil Sketch Paper with variants in different sizes is the perfect choice for art lovers and beginners.

Grabie Palette Best Seller - Handmade Black Walnut Micro Paint Palette

Grabie Best Seller Watercolor Art Supplies for Beginners 2022

Ensure that the palette is water-resistant and won't absorb the paint into the palette body material. It is usually important that the fresh paint can be removed without leaving any residue. A new plastic palette or one made of closed wood is a much better choice. Both you choose a paint box with individual pans to mix your color creations or you desire a palette.

At Grabie, the best palette bestseller is an impressive Handmade Black Walnut Micro Paint Palette. The portable painter is actually smaller than a credit card! Yet it transforms in seconds into a complete palette! 2 Pcs Mini Metal Ring Palette is another amazing art palette product which will bring great convenience to miniature painting with two different shapes featuring ring shape design.

Additionally, there are two featured products popular among artist new beginners:

Grabie Colored Pencils Best Seller - 70 Pcs Drawing And Sketch Pencil Set

Grabie Best Seller Watercolor Art Supplies for Beginners 2022

Once you start painting you absolutely desire a colored pencil in your watercolor products. Watercolor pencils are also a version of watercolor paint.

However, they are hard-pressed in the condition of a pencil. You can use them like normal shaded pencils or you can utilize them with their typical watercolor effect by adding water. Because the lead can be guided so precisely, much more in depth strokes are possible than with a brush.

Time to upgrade your drawing collection! Get those beautiful sketches in your head on paper with this complete set perfect for those exploring pencil art who want to step it up as a beginner:

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