Grabie's Specially-Designed Card For You


Art creating is an interesting process as it is unknown and unpredicted, and Grabie likes to become a platform for customers to share happiness and satisfaction of art experience.

Grabie is not only a company for business, and it is also a platform for communication, inspiration, and creation. We hope there is a strong tie between our customers and our products, and the shared emotional memories is what make Grabie go further.



Responsible Souring 

Grabie is focusing more attention on quality art products. We insist on sourcing quality products, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We work with many high-quality manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. Good quality of products has laid the solid foundation for art brand development. What matters most is what’s inside. For Grabie, Quality matters most.   



Inspiration & Creation

Grabie is devoted to building artistic brand to inspire more creativity and creations. Everyone has the ability for creating, even for uneducated children and adult beginners. Art world is full of infinite possibilities. Grabie is willing to offer anyone who has desire to create the good set of tools. Good things have their value in useful hands.




Grabie has a strong environmental consciousness as we think art is closely related to our environment. Environment-friendly products are extremely important for healthy living. We insist on selling products to protect the health safety of our customers. The material of the product is recyclable and will not pollute the environment. We hope we can deliver the green concepts to our customers. Environmental awareness starts from everyone, and it is just beginning for Grabie. Grabie is trying to send out more positive energy and the sense of social responsibility moves us forward.



Grabie’s designers has designed a new version of ‘Thank You’ card and each customer will get this specially designed card every time shopping at Grabie. Through the design of card and the coloring activities, Grabie is expecting that more customers can use their own creative talents to get involved in and give us more feedback on their unique work. We are willing to keep our customers connected, active and engaged through this special design.

 Customers can fill whatever colors in as each one has different perception and understanding of colors. After customers take the last step of coloring to finish their own piece, we hope customers can post the colored card on INS and tag @grabieofficial and a bestie. Every week, we will choose one lucky winner and the winner will have $50 which can be spent in shopping at Grabie.

 Have you imagined what colors you would like to fill in? Use your imagination and you would explore more than your imagination. The gap of the card is waiting for you to fill in and Grabie is looking for more imaginative answers.  



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