Grabie Artist Workshop



A FREE workshop designed for artists who want to use affiliate sales to supplement their income.

Wednesday, May 3rd at 3pm PST / 5pm CT / 6pm EST

Presented by Grabie and Stop The Starving Artist.

In This Workshop You'll Learn:

1) The power of Affiliate Marketing as an artist, and how to use it to make easy money doing what you already do!

2) The 3 simple sales methods you can implement into your content strategy today.

3) How to grow your audience so you can continue to grow your income.


Grabie Artist Workshop X Stop the Starving Artists

How To Sing Up For FREE 

1.⚠️ If you haven’t already, Sign Up For Grabie's Affiliate Marketing by Clicking Here. You have to be signed up for Grabie's Affiliate program to attend. ⚠️

2. After you sign up, you can expect follow-up emails from Grabie letting you know how to access the workshop, where we'll meet, etc.
3. The workshop is Wednesday, May 3rd at 5p Central and will last approx. two hours. Replays will be available even if you can't attend live!
 4. Bonus! You will also receive Grabie's monthly Influencer Newsletter, with tips, strategies, and tactics for continuing to improve your results as an influencer!

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When You Finish This Workshop 

You will IMMEDIATELY be eligible to earn affiliate income through Grabie, and you'll have created a sales video script you can feel confident in that you can film and post as soon as we're done! 

Plus you'll have a deeper understanding of social media, how to grow an audience that loves your work, and how to do it YOUR way.


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