When you create art with acrylic paints, you are showing your rich creativity in the best artistic way. Acrylic paints can be used on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, wood, glass, paper, ceramics and stone. An impressive range of colors can be mixed with our professional grade acrylic paints. In order to make your painting creation process more smooth, we have marked the color name, color number and other detailed information on the package of the acrylic paint products.

What tools can I use to paint with acrylic paints?

Artists often use art brushes when working with acrylic paints. Mix acrylic paints on an art palette, mix up the colors you want, and paint with different sizes of art brushes. Brush pens are essential for any painter. Grabie Art Brushes are your best tool for oil painting.

Are acrylic paints permanent?

Yes, acrylic paints remain permanently dry after being created on most surfaces. Our acrylic paint formulations are certified non-toxic and provide painting artists with vibrant colors that really grab everyone's attention.

The beginning of your career as a professional artist starts when you create an oil painting. Prepare your art painting materials by purchasing Grabie's premium quality acrylic paints.

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