Stickers & Washi Tape

Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
A unique, mysterious box is full of scrapbooking wonders. If you are still struggling with too many scrapbooking products and don’t know how to start, try Grabie’s monthly mystery scrapbooking box today! Sit back and unpack plenty of new scrapbooking...
48 Pcs Big Size Dried Flowers Stickers Set
This flower sticker has a unique charm. Its size is larger than a palm, it is a presence in your vintage scrapbook that cannot be ignored, a real retro and exquisite good thing! This set contains a variety of different...
$22.99 $20.99
100 Pcs Vintage Forest Theme Stickers Gift Set
If you like forest-themed junk journal, don't miss this set. 100 pcs vintage journal stickers include 4 different color themes. A wonderful collection of various animal stickers, floral stickers, plant stickers, and label stickers.This set includes a variety of fun,...
$18.99 $14.99
240 Pcs Memory Garden Series PET Stickers Set
These memory garden stickers are the perfect way to add embellishment to your designs! They’ll add decorative detail to scrapbook layouts, handmade card designs, gift wrap and more.Perfect for vintage junk journals, you can collocate these PET stickers to make a unique...
Christmas-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
CREATE YOUR BEST YEAR Make your festive season merry and bright with our special scrapbook box. It comes with all the necessary materials to create delightful decorations, journals, and unique items. The Grabie December box will surely put smiles on...
$49.99 $33.99
Coffee-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
SIP BACK & RELAX Discover life's simple pleasures in our November Scrapbook Box! Take a break from the chaos and savor the little things that make life beautiful. Our carefully curated stickers and paper sets are designed to help you...
Happy Party-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
THE START OF SOMETHING NEW Start the New Year off right with Grabie's monthly-themed scrapbook boxes! Each month, we reveal a captivating new theme and a specially designed box. Plus, each box includes a delightful jigsaw puzzle. Be sure to...
Bunny-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY EGG-CELLENT! Are you up for some fun and creativity this festive season? Look no further than Grabie's Bunny Scrapbook Box! Our box is filled with a variety of exclusive stickers and paper sets that will help you...
Travel-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
LET'S GO TRAVEL Join us on a delightful journey with our February Scrapbook Box! Immerse yourself in the essence of your travels with our carefully curated travel-themed stickers, papers, and stamps to capture the significance of each meaningful travel moment,...
186 Pcs Victorian Stickers & Material Paper Set
These stickers & material paper set are a wonderful way to add vintage character to scrapbooks, cards and many more projects! A variety of sizes included make this set of victorian girl stickers a great choice for embellishing your designs.The vintage stickers come in 6...
$22.99 $19.99
240 Pcs Long Poem Strip Stickers Set
This set comes with 240 pieces of assorted sticker kits, including 6 themes. A large collection of all kinds of vintage-style journal goodies! 6 packs, 40 pieces per pack (same pattern × 2), a total of 240 stickers. HIGH-QUALITY PAPER & STICKER...
18 Rolls Forest Whisper Washi Tape Set
These paper tapes have 18 different patterns, and the vivid flower design is even romantic. EXCELLENT QUALITY - Made from Japanese professional textured paper. These decorative tapes are repositionable & tear-able, and stick to almost any surface but will not leave a...
$19.99 $16.99
240 Pcs Garden Charm Sticker Set
This set comes with 240 pieces of assorted sticker kit. A large collection of all kinds of vintage-style journal goodies! 6 packs, 40 pieces per pack (same pattern × 2), a total of 240 stickers. HIGH-QUALITY PAPER & STICKER - Printed...
280 Pcs Vintage Butterfly Theme Stickers Set
These butterfly stickers are colorful, and the patterns on their wings are intertwined, both bright and dim, noble and dignified, and lifelike. Butterfly stickers will add a little vibrancy to your creations. 7 packs, 40 pieces per pack (same design...
240 Pcs Fashion Diary Stickers Set
$20.99 $18.99
240 Pcs Fashion Diary Stickers Set
These fashion diary stickers will help you take your junk journal to the next level! The self-adhesive embellishments are a great way to decorate and personalize your journal, scrapbooking, card designs, gift wrap and more.These character stickers are easy to peel and apply, and they...
$20.99 $18.99
Spring-Themed Grabie Scrapbook Club Box
BRING IN SOME SPRING BLOOMS Dance into spring with our April Scrapbook Box! The latest Grabie April Scrapbook Box is your chance to bask in the glorious colors of spring and sprinkle them across your scrapbooking projects. This box is...
270 Pcs Flower Fairy Diary Sticker Set
This beautiful flower sticker will add a different look to your scrapbook. They will create a vivid garden vibe to your scrapbook. Mix and match to use together and create your own secret scrapbook garden!  6 packs, 45 pieces per pack(same pattern...
320 Pcs Butterfly & Dragonfly Themes PET Stickers Set
Add beautiful embellishment to every card with these beautiful butterfly stickers. The self-adhesive designs are a great way to decorate and personalise your scrapbook layouts, card designs, gift wrap and more.These butterfly stickers are colorful, and the patterns on their...
320 Pcs Vintage Fashion Show Paper Stickers Set
Choose from an assorted collection of colourful fashion characters. Mix and match your favourites with ease. They are easy to add to any project because they're self-adhesive – simply peel them off and stick them down. Every look is exquisite!...
$27.99 $21.99
50 Sheets Vintage Archive Room Washi Sticker Book
This sticker book comes with 50 pages of assorted sticker kit. A colorful collection of all kinds of Natural-style journal goodies! These stickers look great when used individually, but they will also coordinate beautifully with other retro embellishments.These vintage sticker sets will...
36 Pcs Long Size Flowers & Plants Stickers Set
This set comes with 36 pieces of assorted sticker kit. A large collection of all kinds of vintage-style journal goodies! 6 packs, 6 pieces per pack, a total of 36 stickers. HIGH-QUALITY PAPER & STICKER - Printed on high-quality clear plastic, easy...
$16.99 $12.99
120 Pcs Lace Dream Stickers & Material Paper Set
The scrapbooking material papers are featured in lace designs, printed with diverse patterns and words, and full of vintage classic feelings. They can satisfy your various crafts or decoration purposes, adding more creativity.  4 packs in a set, 30 sheets...
46 Pcs Mister Kitty Series Washi Stickers Set
This set comes with 46 pieces of assorted sticker kit. A large collection of all kinds of kawaii-style journal goodies! 23 Cats x 2 pcs per pack. Sticker size: 1.7 x 1.7 inch. HIGH-QUALITY PAPER & STICKER - Printed on high-quality...
$9.99 $6.99
240 Pcs Vintage Postage Stamp Sticker Set
This vintage sticker set comes with 240 pcs of assorted stickers in various styles, including nature plants, different flowers, birds, butterflies, insects, and world-famous landmarks, a total of 120 unique designs! With a nice vintage-inspired look and feel, each stamp-like...

Stickers & Washi Tape

Grabie® shop showcases scrapbooking materials including stickers & washi tapes, notebook journals, scrapbooking papers & more. When speaking of scrapbooking, How would certainly you define scrapbooking? Scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting and arranging personal and family event in the form of an album or journal. Scrapbook albums are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journal stickers or washi tapes.

Scrapbooking Stickers & Washi Tape Tips

Stickers can come in many different shapes and sizes and also vary widely in color and design. They are typically adhered to items such as lunchboxes, paper, notebooks, walls, windows and so on. Scrapbooking craft lovers usually use stickers for embellishing scrapbooking pages.

Washi tape is a multipurpose type of masking tape you can use in your journals, artworks, cards and more. It’s the perfect material to decorate your paper, make borders or use directly as masking tape.

  • Stickers & Washi Tapes for journaling – You can integrate it into your layouts by creating patterns and texture
  • Stickers & Washi Tapes for gift wrapping – Adding a splash of colour to your gift wrapping can be a great detail.
  • Stickers & Washi Tapes for painting – A lot of artists use washi tape to get clean edges on their pieces.
  • Stickers & Washi Tapes for walls – Using stickers or washi tape to hang pictures on your walls or bedroom door
  • Stickers & Washi Tapes for envelopes – Bringing a whole new level to envelope design and customization.
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